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Persuasive Essay and Interesting Topics


Here is a complete guide on how you can compose an outline for write essay for me.

Before you create an outline…

  • Before you start the outline, think over the topic.
  • Then you should do some research and establish your stance.
  • It is a good approach to start with creating a list of all the main ideas.
  • Research all the ideas and key points to check their validity and finding proof.

As you create the outline…

  • Organize the key points as you compose the outline.
  • Review your outline once you have composed it. This will make sure you do not forget something important in the outline.
  • You can always go back and adjust the outline if you feel like something must be reordered, excluded or included.




A general outline to get you started 

For all the persuasive essays, the outline which describes the basic of write my essay components remain the same. Here is a general outline of the essay along with every part explained. Observe the outline and then start building your own. 

When picking a topic, remember to choose one which is relevant to your course. If you have not found a perfect topic yet here are some more Cause and Effect Essay Topics for you to choose from essay writing service. You can also research a little beforehand to make sure that you understand a topic you are finalizing.

  1. Solid waste is caused majorly due to throw-away culture
  2. Reality shows encourage the audience to try dangerous acts
  3. Cramming does not improve the learning capabilities
  4. A good book can change how one thinks
  5. Cognitive ability is influenced by Insomnia
  6. Stronger peer relations are formed through sports
  7. Exercising regularly helps reduce stress
  8. Stress can be reduced by exercising daily
  9. Sports help students develop leadership skills
  10. Causes of social changes over the last decade
  11. Effect of employment rate on health quality
  12. Gamification of education develops an interest in learning
  13. Alzheimer’s can be prevented by learning a new language
  14. Employment prospects can be improved by learning diverse skill sets.
  15. Increased smartphone use can decline in sleep quality
  16. Stress level is increased due to multitasking regularly
  17. A healthy lifestyle can improve the focusing ability
  18. Teenager smoke due to peer pressure
  19. Teenagers get involved in delinquencies because of violent video games
  20. Keeping a pet can improve mental health
  21. Eating unhealthy food is the biggest cause of child health issues
  22. Creative homework can help to improve the grade
  23. Productivity at work can be improved by working out regularly
  24. Reading books improves the memory
  25. Public speaking boosts confidence
  26. Eating greens can improve immunity system
  27. Lung cancer can be caused due to second-hand smoking
  28. The extremely strict school environment can provoke students to break laws
  29. Effects of WWI and WWII on the world today
  30. Causes of racial prejudice
  31. Impact of religion on modern society
  32. What caused the feminism movement?
  33. Impact of smoking on the blood vessels
  34. Effects of AHDH on academic grades
  35. Causes of lack of motivation

You can also choose one and modify according to your liking. The aim of this type of write my essay for me is to judge your skills in investigating the causes and effects of a particular event. You must also know how to analyze what caused a specific topic or what were the outcomes.


  • Hook statement
  • Background and emergence context of the subject
  • Explanation of the subject matter
  • Crystal clear thesis statement

Main body

  • First topic sentence 
  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting piece of evidence
  • Supporting piece of evidence (from real-life perspective)
  • Concluding statement

Now, you will be drafting your points in an elaborative form. Firstly, you will write an attention-grabber content that can engage your audience. If your introduction would be eye-catching then you can explain the rest of your paper effectively. Don’t forget to write a crystal clear thesis statement. It would be the reference point of your entire piece of work. Secondly, you are going to write the main body of your essay. You will be mentioning different topic sentences within each paragraph. Don’t forget to mention the supporting pieces of evidence. Try to add supporting evidence that would be from an academic perspective and also from a real-life experience. Finally, add a conclusion that your reader finds impressive. You will just write the summary of your above-mentioned points and correlate it with the main point of thesis. 

After that, you will then be editing your write my paper. You need to proofread your content as much as you will be satisfied. While editing, you need to cross-check each and every point to make your writing effective and readable for the audience. Apply a strict check on grammar and punctuation, while paying close attention to the clarity and relevance of the content. 

In the end, you need to revise the overall content. Ask yourself questions that can help you to make your expository essays an impactful one. Critically evaluate your analysis till it is ready for final submission.

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